Better World Green Public Company Limited aims to create an organization to grow and grow the business firmly and sustainably. By conducting business with responsibility both economically, socially and environmentally. The concept of sustainable development has been incorporated into the organization since the start of the business. Reflected by the organizational structure of the group of companies which requires the agency to be responsible for environmental activities, social activities and community relations in particular along with applying good corporate governance principles Which is the foundation of sustainable development used in the organization’s management until now.

Business operations based on the principles of sustainability, developed according to international guidelines come in order and clearly is an important strategy of the company. That is to say, “Business operations of the company Not only profit But we care about and focus on community and social development Minimizing environmental impact Fair treatment for stakeholders And corporate governance that is fair, transparent and verify balanced.”
At present, the company has established guidelines for operations and targets for the environment, society and economy by linking it to the expectations and needs of stakeholders. Which is important to the sustainability of the company To be in accordance with the framework of “Care and Social Responsibility Policy”. In order to comply with the guidelines for sustainable development under supervision by the structure of the Corporate Social Responsibility Management Committee as follows.

The company is committed to operating social responsibility to sustainability. Including the dissemination of results to the public in accordance with the policies and guidelines of the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) to disseminate and communicate the progress of the company’s operations. The company has a guideline to develop the report to be consistent with the vision. And corporate strategy including the issues that the stakeholders continually focus on every year.

By each sustainability report Prepared in a printed form and electronic media on the website. The company has evaluated and considered the content of this report. If you have any questions or suggestions or need more information about the report, please contact: Corporate Communications and Marketing 0-20127888 Ext 344, 346

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